Pituitary hormone secretion in familial longevity : The Switchbox Study

Doctoral Thesis  | Jansen, Wilhelmina Maria (2016)

The overall hypothesis of the Switchbox study is that maintenance of homeostasis is pivotal for maintenance of health in old age. Therefore, the aim of this thesis as part of the Switchbox study, was to expand our knowledge of homeostatic mechanisms at old age, thus trying to unravel underlying mechanisms of healthy human longevity. The focus of this thesis will be on analysis of the HPT-axis and HPA-axis in participants who have the propensity to reach old age in good health compared to age-matched controls. In humans, we are able to assess the ‘function’ of the HPT- and HPA- axes by measuring the key hormones involved as well as physiological parameters that are affected by these systems (heart rate, metabolism) under different conditions (in rest and during stress).

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